How to book an appointment

I have symptoms / I’m sick

Please contact your general practitioner (GP) to know if you need to be tested of if you need a consultation. If your GP is absent, please call the on-call doctor on the following telephone number: 1733.

I have an activation code

If you’ve received an activation code, you can book an online appointment. Please click on the link below.

Note: An activation code (a CTPC code) is a combination of 16 numbers and/or letters that you receive in a message on your mobile phone. This code can be made by your general practitioner or other institutions (e.g. contact tracers). When you’ve received a code, your test will be most likely (but not always) refunded. In that case, you’ll be free of charge and you won’t receive an invoice.

If all appointments are taken, you may try to book an appointment in following locations:

How can I receive the results of my test?

You will receive your test results (and the European COVID Certificate) by mail of mobile message from Labo Medina. If something goes wrong, there are other options to find your test results:
  1. You can find your results on the following websites:
  2. Call your general practitioner.
  3. If your general practitioner is absent:
    • monday until thursday (between 09h00 and 10h00 and between 18h00 and 18h45), friday between 09h00 and 10h00:
      • call Dr. Dirk Vercammen +32 2 452 30 33
    • friday (from 19h), saturday, sunday or on holidays: call 1733

Important! You test goes through different steps to be able to generate the Certificate:

  • The test is taken by a doctor, in a test centre or in the lab
  • The test goes to the lab
  • The lab analyses the test
  • The results are entered in Sciensano’s database
  • After 1,5h, the certificates database receives the results from Sciensano
  • The certificates database generates the COVID Certificate

Other questions concerning COVID19?

More information can be found on the following website:


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